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7 Reasons To Switch To A Cloud-based Project Management Tool

7 Reasons To Switch To A Cloud-based Project Management Tool

Have you considered switching out your old desktop project management application for a cloud-based tool? If so, you’re not the only one. As more companies collaborate on a local and global scale, having a cloud-based project management tool can have many benefits, including:

  1. Faster implementation

With a cloud-based implementation, you can be up and running in days instead of months. This means you can recognise a return on your investment faster. A faster implementation schedule also allows employees to get to work on the project sooner.

  1. Greater flexibility

A cloud-based project management software gives employees greater flexibility since they can access project information and files from anywhere in the world using an internet connection and a web browser. This allows tasks to be completed while employees work from any site or office.

  1. Improved support for geographically dispersed teams

Have you ever had to wait for a colleague in another location to email a file? Or, perhaps they sent the file to you, but you’re having trouble finding it in your email box. Fortunately, with a cloud-based project management tool, you can have all the files stored within the software when you need it.

Having your project in the cloud means relevant information your employees need can be available from anywhere. It allows an employee with a mobile device in one part of the world to collaborate with another on an entirely different continent.

4.  Added security

What happens when a project manager accidentally spills their drink on a laptop that contains all of your project data? While the data may be recoverable, how long will it take to find another laptop, install the software, and transfer the data? Or, what happens if the device gets stolen?

Using a cloud solution, companies have the ability to continue working with data even if a single device is stolen, destroyed, gets a virus, or for some reason is inaccessible. Your project can no longer be held captive by a single piece of computer hardware.

  1. Improved communication

Using a cloud-based project management tool allows you to increase communication and productivity within your entire organisation regardless of whether the employees are located under one roof or scattered across the globe.

This means project data can be updated in real time and files shared. It allows team members to see what work has been completed as well as what work still needs to be done. It gives project managers instant feedback so they spend less time waiting for emails to arrive, giving them the project status they so desperately need.

  1. No maintenance required

With a traditional on-premise project management tool, you can expect regular updates. While most updates are a good thing, having someone take time out of their busy schedule to update software can be a problem. Not to mention, for geographically dispersed companies, updates need to be performed on a schedule so that all versions of the tool remain the same version.

With a cloud-based project management tool, no maintenance is required. The vendor provides all updates and every user is always using the same version. This can help lower cost since you no longer have to provide staff to maintain this piece of software.

  1. Lower costs

With traditional on-premise software licensing, companies have to invest a lot of money up-front on licensing, installation, and configuration of the tool. With cloud-based software, you have a lower upfront cost with a monthly fee instead.


These are seven reasons why more organisations are moving to a cloud-based software.  Is your business ready to move project management to the cloud?

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