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Arithmetic overflow error converting float to data type numeric PRMDB-1706-6

Unable to schedule the project plan in P6 EPPM and receiving the following error message:

Exception EprmDBSQLExecutionFaliure in module PM.EXE at 00000000006FBC64.

P6 EPPM: Application error message
P6 EPPM: Application error message

The cause of the issue is that the Activity Type was changed to a WBS Summary from Task Dependent.
Modifying the Activity Type from Task Dependent to WBS Summary is causing the application, when scheduling, to re-calculate the duration to a digit number, which is not allowed in the database.

  1. Open the project.
  2. Go to Project > Resource Assignments.
  3. Group layout by Resource by clicking Layout > Group and Sort > Resource.
  4. Add Columns for Remaining Units and Remaining Units/Time.
  5. Look for values that are 9 digits or higher – make note of activity ID (should be seen in 1st column).
  6. Make sure that the Activity Type is WBS Summary.
  7. Change it to Task Dependent.
  8. Schedule the project.

Below is an example of the issue we had found. This issue was solved, and the user reported back that the scheduling speed increased significantly.

P6 EPPM: Resource assignments

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