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Benefits Of Specialist Oracle Primavera Support

How many times have you called for support only to get passed back and forth between multiple agents on a seemingly endless string of transfers? Each agent only seems to know how to read their scripts and frequently it can take days to resolve an issue.

It doesn’t take long after you get the first person on the phone that you realise they are not a specialist in their area. They are simply reading from a script they are given. When you ask specific questions that are not part of their script, you quickly realise they don’t know how to proceed. This causes frustration and loss of time when you could be working.

Unfortunately, this is all too common as companies try to reduce overhead and decrease the costs of supporting their product. However, providing quality customer support requires the opposite approach with proper training and many years of experience, so when you call you are speaking with a specialist who is able to resolve issues more quickly.

Specialist Support…

With specialist support, you can email a central support box where a number of specialists are there to pick up your request and personally get back to you via email or phone. With a specialist, you can not only expect a faster response, but often a solution in the same day. This allows you to move on with your work.

In situations where they don’t have the answer, they work on your behalf to contact the software vendor to continue searching for the proper solution. They also have access to thousands of users across many companies, so they can liaise with them for possible solutions.

Of course, with specialist support it’s also possible to have a paid visit to a client site. This is where you have an expert show up and review your Primavera implementation to confirm that it meets the requirements of your unique business, and suggest possible changes that can be implemented where you will start to see real benefits right away..

How Is This Done?

The key factor in excellent customer service is hiring the right people and giving them the proper hands-on training so they understand the ins and outs of an Oracle Primavera implementation, and with that in mind, each of our support staff is a Certified Oracle Primavera Implementation Consultant. This helps them to know exactly what each customer needs so they can provide the correct solution for that customer.

In addition to having many years of combined experience with the product, each representative has access to a knowledge base that contains the solutions to all of the problems that have been resolved by the team before. This allows the specialists to find answers fast. It also gives them centralised access to manuals, technical solutions, training documents, and service bulletins that will be supplied by Oracle and other software providers.

The improved support data leads to better training and services in the future, and repeat issues can be resolved quickly since people have already identified the problem and the solution.


All of these advantages combined can provide many benefits for your organisation. By supplying you with the support solutions you need more quickly, we allow you to focus on getting projects done on time and within budget, and with fewer headaches along the way.

Call us today on (+44) 01558 822 742 to discuss how Dividend’s expert Oracle Primavera Support can help save you time and money, by letting your planners plan.

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