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Choosing The Best Project Management Software For Your Team (3/3)

In previous posts, we’ve looked at the benefits of cloud based project management solutions, and how it can benefit remote teams working on multiple projects. In this article we’ll run through some tips on choosing the best project management software. Then we’ll introduce our own preferred solution.

There are a number of tools and software solutions developed to help manage projects in organisations and among teams. These tools make it easy for team members to collaborate. The features can vary between software, and there are different types of project management tools too.

Since there are a number of options out there, it’s crucial to understand that they don’t all work in the same way. The quality can vary greatly. Some provide only basic functionality, where have been developed specifically to help with security, performance, and enterprise level collaboration.

It might seem better for a small business to choose open-source project management software over a paid-for solution. But while this helps with overheads, security vulnerabilities and a lack of features can eventually prove more costly in the long term.


How Do I Choose The Best Project Management Software For Me?

The process of choosing the best project management solution for any company should involve the following criteria (at minimum):

  • Features – the features of the software in question should be a major player in the decision-making process. Having to purchase multiple subscriptions or sign up for more than a single cloud hosting account to get the right features from four or five different applications is unnecessary. Choose a single solution that offers it all.
  • Technology – the technology that the software uses to produce results should also be considered. Cloud technology has advanced significantly over the years and now offers a streamlined way for team members, and managers, to communicate effortlessly. Meetings can be scheduled and even conducted directly on some platforms – reducing the need for flights, hotel bookings, and other expensive outgoings.
  • Reputation – brand reputation is another factor that businesses often overlook. Oracle are a well-known brand in the project management market and continue to expand their solutions.
  • Price – finally, the price is another factor. As mentioned earlier, opting for a free software suite just because its free shouldn’t be a good enough reason. Factor in the return on investment made by the efficiencies brought on by project management software.


Oracle Prime

Oracle Prime is a cloud based enterprise solution that allows users to manage all aspects of project management and project pipeline prioritize through portfolio management.

Some of the key features of Prime include real-time visibility. This makes looking into project costs, schedules, risks and performance much more efficient. Meaning project managers and stakeholders can make better decisions faster.

Prime provides tools for portfolio managers to evaluate multiple scenarios and arrive at an optimal plan for allocating budgets in-line with strategic goals.

Cloud based risk analysis uses risk registers and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities. This allows project managers and risk specialists to analyze potential the impact on any given project.

Built-in social collaboration features allow teams to communicate in real time. This makes it much easier to manage project planning, monitoring and execution processes efficiently. Flexible and powerful dashboards and reporting capabilities allow stakeholders to have critical information at their fingertips.


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