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Cloud Based Project Management Framework: Increasing Profitability (1/3)

The Brigade Group is an ordinary company that specialises in commercial property development in India.

Towards the latter part of 2016, they recorded a significant spike in profits of up to $89 million.

The spike came after investing in a cloud based project management framework.

Their decision to adopt a cloud solution was in a bid to achieve an effective running of their IT department that had offices in several parts of the world.

In a sense, the company’s management was seeking a better way of doing task allocation.

Of course, there are other reasons why cloud computing helped the company to attain the sudden increment in profits.

But among the key reasons that cloud solutions helped Brigade Group was an economical and lasting solution to the challenge of task allocation and team management among its dispersed locations.


What Was Their Secret?

Because of their cloud based project management framework, the company was able to run 30 different projects in real-time.

With updated information available on desktop and mobile devices.

They could also quickly identify the appropriate teams to handle different tasks and increase overall productivity.

And, within six months, the company was recording an increment it hadn’t seen for several years.

But The Brigade Group isn’t just a one-off.

Stories like this are becoming much more commonplace in the modern world.

In this three part series, we’re going to run through how to increase profitability by migrating to the cloud.


Adopting A Cloud Based Solution

“…Hang on a second; will adopting a cloud solution work for me?”.

I honestly cannot tell. But what I do know is that companies willing to invest the time to adopt new business processes and invest in the necessary training, will see the benefit.

Companies that adopt cloud solutions do so to overcome specific challenges.

If you find that your main problem is task allocation, cloud solutions will help.

There are several ways that your organisation could reap the benefits from cloud-based task allocation systems.

Over the coming weeks, we will highlight some of the biggest benefits.


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