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Exception EListError in module PM.exe at 0000000000121F32

Unable to Login to P6 Professional but can into P6 Web.

Error message: Exception EListError in module PM.exe at 0000000000121F32. List index out of bounds (-1)

Click ok, and you’ll likely get an exception EAccessViolation error

Event Code:    AVAA0-0703-4

Message:   Access violation at address 0000000002B68F6E in module

‘PM.EXE’. Read of address 0000000000000008

Object Type: TDevxMainForm

Firstly, try logging in as another user – often this will work, if so, we can just reconfigure the original account.

  • Login to P6 Web as administrator
  • Copy the user account that’s having the issue, and paste
  • Try logging in as the new user, if that works you can go back and rename the user accounts changing one to “original name-old” and remove privileges

If this doesn’t work, you can try to rename the PM.ini file, PM.old is fine, and restart P6, thus creating a new file.

If that doesn’t work there’s some patching options, as you may be suffering from a known issue.

“This issue is a confirmed defect and has been fixed in P6 R18.8.17.1 and All subsequent releases and Patch Set releases for this version will also include the fix.”

Contact us for further details.

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