Your Oracle Primavera P6 Introduction

Getting started with Primavera P6 is child’s play with Dividend Training. This is because all of the Oracle Primavera advice and set up can be handled in just one place.

We often find that clients come to us for Primavera tips and training, but need their software reconfigured to their specific needs, usually because it was poorly implemented, using a supplier’s own standards rather than listening to the customer requirements.

So let’s begin your Primavera P6 introduction with Dividend Training.

You’re In Good Hands

Being a Specialized Primavera P6 EPPM Gold Partner, Oracle has officially recognised that we are best placed to help you get up and running, no matter what stage of implementing the software you are at.

So, from complete newcomers to people who just need some Primavera tips to help them get the best out of the software, we provide it all.

Remember that if you have already purchased your software licenses, getting started with Primavera P6 is not necessarily simple. There are, for example, a huge number of options to consider when configuring the tool.

Without an expert who is experienced with configuring Primavera applications, you could easily allow yourself too much choice from the myriad of options or, conversely, not select an option that you might later want to use.

Given the wide experience of the team at Dividend Training, who have configured software systems in a variety of industries in the past, making a mistake like this is never on the cards.

Allow us to configure your software so that you only have configured items on your screen which you will actually make use of.

So Where Do We Start?

Of course, being knowledgeable about the software is one thing, but it is our project and programme management understanding coupled with our personable way in which advice is given that really sets us apart.

Let us, for example, look at our pre-sales advice.

Do you know if P6 will work alongside your existing systems or whether installation is included within the package being offered?

Do you know how ongoing support will be delivered and, if so, for what time period you can continue to rely on it?

At Dividend Training all of these questions are sewn up, because we do the lot. For instance, we will be able to advise you on whether EPPM or Pro is the most cost-effective option for you, given your requirements. We can also help out with remote installation, thereby reducing the costs of having to attend your premises to do it for you.

What Next?

In terms of ongoing support, our service is second-to-none.

Yes, we provide technical assistance, but never forget that you will be handled by a real human being who is based in the UK and understands your needs.

Especially for customers who have been with us from their installation, the understanding we develop of a client’s needs means that we can offer Oracle Primavera P6 advice that gets to the heart of the matter.

Having a knowledge of your particular configuration means that our email support can track down errors and problems often within minutes.

Getting started really means actually using the software, but you never know when you might want help to use it in a new way. This is where our expertise in ongoing training kicks in and helps you to remain both productive and at the cutting edge.