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New Cloud Solution Helps Mid-size Public Entities Improve Infrastructure Project Portfolio Management


It’s a struggle common to most public entities: trying to successfully manage vital infrastructure improvement projects amid large backlogs, limited budgets, and public scrutiny of decisions. Adding to the challenge are all the outdated and disjointed legacy applications in use at such organizations, which do little to help public officials get the visibility and data they need to optimize their use of scarce resources.

“The reality is that many crucial projects just aren’t getting done, and the backlogs keep increasing,” says Brian Saldutti, director of industry strategy for Oracle Construction and Engineering. “Clearly, the issue of aging infrastructure is not going away, which is why we’re seeing a heightened focus on this problem.”

Against this backdrop, Oracle recently released the Oracle Capital Improvement Program solution, a cloud-based application that can help counties, cities, school districts, and other mid-sized public organizations effectively plan, prioritize, and manage infrastructure projects. By centralizing data and delivering both efficient workflows and sophisticated reporting capabilities, the solution helps entities improve multi-year portfolio planning and budgeting processes.

“The solution embraces best practices around long-term capital planning,” Saldutti explains. “This includes standardized and centralized processes so organizations can increase their project management efficiency and enable credible, data-driven decision making.”

Successful Collaboration

Government departments historically have struggled with sharing information for capital planning, as data was confined within multiple, disconnected applications. By centrally storing and managing all needed data and activities on the Oracle Prime cloud platform, the solution breaks down such barriers and makes relevant information available to all stakeholders. This collaborative environment, combined with the platform’s planning, prioritizing, and reporting tools, helps to deliver significant improvements in decision making.

“The cloud environment makes it easy to enable real collaboration around a ‘single version of the truth’ for all users – and to deliver the analytics needed to inform better decisions about capital planning,” Saldutti says.

In addition, the cloud can dramatically reduce many of the technical hurdles during implementation and ongoing maintenance that can keep enterprises from realizing the full benefits of their applications.

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