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Oracle Prime Project v18.3 Out Now – What Enhancements Have Been Made?

Oracle Prime Projects v18.3

Lean Enhancements

In 18.3, Lean features a major usability enhancement by providing users the ability to select multiple Tasks in the Hopper and Planning Board and cut, copy, paste, drag and drop them. This release also features an interactive Gantt allowing users to change the due date and duration of Tasks from the Gantt view. Finally, the analysis page just got a little more powerful with Company PPC over Time.

New! Prime Projects for iOS

Using the new Prime Projects app, project team members can monitor tasks and activities, access files and communicate with other projects users in a single tap. With a project centric approach and KPIs, monitoring project health has never been easier on-the-go with a data driven overview page that features task and activity progress, tasks by company and missed commitments. With an intuitive navigation, users can access a view of their lean task work plan to monitor tasks and activities that fall within a three-week window. Finally, project files are available on-demand while internet connectivity is available with the options to download any file for offline access. This MVP release features Project iOS only, but a comparable Android version is not far behind.

Field Commissioning Report

Users will be able to create reports using the Field Commissioning subject areas.  The user will be able to generate reports for the Project and Workspace.  This is considered the MVP for Commissioning reporting

Project Creation Enhancements

Create projects without the Workspace hierarchy restrictions. This helps to easily create projects across Production or Non-Production Workspaces and greatly reduces the manual effort to configure and setup similar projects.

Documents’ Log Enhancements

User defined fields within custom logs are now available to be used. Emails, app notifications and inbox notifications are now generated to everyone who has access to a that log when an item is uploaded. Users will also be able to import items from an Excel document to populate a submittal log within Documents.

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