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Cloud Based Project Management Tools: The Benefits (3/3)

To cover the benefits of cloud-based project management tools, let’s first answer the following question:

Why should we adopt a cloud-based system for task allocation?

In the last chapter, we explored some of the shortcomings of in-house, on-site task management systems.

But, we didn’t offer any solutions to those problems. In this episode, we’ll explore some of the advantages of cloud-based task management systems.


5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Project Management Tools In Task Allocation

  1. Accessible: The team leader or project manager typically carries out task decomposition. Some cloud-based applications offer templates for decomposing very big tasks. This eases the process and formats the information in a shareable way. Just in case a manager needs external support.
  2. Adaptable: Software adaptability is where a system learns about changes in its environment from the data it collects. Modern systems assign the most skilled teams the “critical path” tasks. Order of performance is then used to assign the remaining tasks. This methodology helps to ensure that tasks are processed faster and to the highest quality.
  3. Scalable: A key drawback for traditional task allocation systems was that they couldn’t accommodate extra resources. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is founded on the premise of having almost limitless resources. It boasts a level of scaleability that can be expanded to accommodate as much information as needed.
  4. Transparent: Most cloud-based task allocation systems are transparent in that they provide real-time progress snapshots. This feature helps the project manager monitor the progression of a task with ease, no matter how widely spread the locations are.
  5. Flexible: At times, team members might need updates to streamline tasks assigned to them. As we had noted in the last edition (task allocation challenges in virtual teams), in-house applications hardly get updated. And their updates could be expensive, incompatible or both. Changing integrations make some of the traditional systems obsolete after a relatively short period of time. Data formats should be flexible to allow ease of integration with other applications. A good cloud-based task management application is designed to be flexible and accommodating to such changes.


Cloud Computing Solutions In Team Task Allocation

Why Oracle Prime?

Oracle Lean Scheduling Solution was the first solution to unite Lean and Critical Path Method (CPM) approaches. This enables exceptional project and business outcomes.

Prime harnesses the power of Oracle’s industry-leading Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution. It delivers enterprise-level visibility and control essential for CPM. The bottom line: complete coordination and control for more successful and profitable projects.


Integrated Lean and CPM Scheduling

Oracle Lean Scheduling Solution is an integrated platform that empowers stakeholders. It resolves lingering coordination, commitment, and community challenges and harnesses the combined power of Lean Construction and CPM.

the benefits of cloud based project management tools


With Prime, users can:

  • The level of detail required for field execution teams was never accommodated by larger, more complex master schedules. These can be reduced.
  • Place the right coordination tools in the hands of the right stakeholders. Eliminating costly re-workings, improving accountability, and reducing risk.
  • Positively influence performance from the office down to the job site.
  • Align stakeholder incentives with shared knowledge and common goals to drive community engagement and successful business outcomes.
  • Allow the field to work the way they want while providing the enterprise-level visibility that the office requires.



Task allocation is a pivotal phase of project management.

It has a direct effect on both the throughput and quality of tasks delivered. As a result, it’s vital to invest adequate time and resources into the success of this phase.

There are many benefits to adopting Oracle Prime for task allocation over traditional in-house task management systems. But, if you are still uncertain, get in touch and we’ll help decide whether or not it’s right for you.

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