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Project Manager Responsibilities And How Cloud-Based Solutions Help (2/3)

This post will cover how cloud based solutions can help project manager responsibilities.

In the previous post (The Secret To Productive Teamwork? Project Management Solutions in the Cloud), we discussed how cloud-based project management solutions can help your organisation collaborate more freely to help improve your businesses chances of profitability.

There are many reasons why opting for a cloud-based solution could be the best foot forward. Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in project management are two key ones.

Let’s start with the responsibilities of a project manager.


Project Manager Responsibilities | Dividend Training Project Manager Responsibilities

Project managers are responsible for day-to-day management of the project and must be competent in managing the six aspects of a project:

  1. Scope
  2. Schedule
  3. Finance
  4. Risk
  5. Quality
  6. Resources

Project managers work on specific projects that have definite outcomes, time limits and budgets.

The tasks that form these projects typically include:

  • Planning what work needs to be managed and controlled
  • When and who’s going to perform the work
  • Motivating and co-ordinating the team
  • Dealing with changes to scope
  • Ensuring the project is delivered to time and budget

Next, let’s explore how cloud based project management solutions…

  • Ensure tasks are finished on time
  • Streamline the sharing of information
  • Keep your project management data in one place
  • Accomplish more with fewer people


Ensure Tasks Are Finished On Time

Huge tasks can be broken up into smaller subtasks and distributed. Most project management tools give highlights to ensure work is Cloud Based Project Management Software | Dividend Trainingdelegated to the right people. They can also make sure that individuals have all the data they need to complete tasks.

Ideally, you need to pick a project administration service that helps you allow assignments, remark on specific activities, connect points of interest, and set terms and due dates.

Efficiency increases using tools. Recurring similarities on tasks are quick to spot and design templates can be put in place to make things easier. Sometimes, you may even find pre-built layouts, which you can use to set up daily tasks, a real lifesaver.


Streamline The Sharing Of Information

Cloud-based project management software brings different groups, offices and sites closer together. Making it a more profitable, simple and painless process.

It opens the way for clear and consistent communication. Which is vital for keeping tasks on track. Effective communication is crucial for managing expectations; giving colleagues clear orders and responsibility.

Clear project management encourages dialogue. Rather than depending on external methods (via messenger apps, text message and so on), you can send messages and comment on assignments directly within the software.

There’s also a log of late exercises. This feature is often supported by email notifications that keep all team members up to date.

In some situations, everyone in the group will get guidelines on the best and quickest ways to complete their assignments. This way, each colleague knows who is in charge on current projects and have a view into the pipeline for future work.


Keep Your Project Management Data In One Place

Excessive data, which used to be a factor in inconsistency can be overcome. Usually achieved by taking snapshots of the progress done by each team player and allowing collaboration between every other team member.

Each project undertaking brings an assortment of assets, exercises, documents and other working parts that colleagues and project leaders need to monitor.

Before the onset of cloud-based team management applications, most people used a range of record-keeping frameworks to monitor their teams’ progress. These records would be a mix of private archives, sticky notes, and spreadsheets. An administrative nightmare.

Of course, some of us still use them today. While these methods might work for small teams, an increase in the number of members may render such methods inefficient and error-prone.

A project administration arrangement encourages you to work on the identified undertakings within a single storage space. Each colleague gains access to the same incorporated data vault. The shared space enables them to identify all the essential documentation, completed items, pictures, recordings, and different records identified as part of the project.

Programming with worked in dashboards can also enable a team to envision the turning points within a project and advance with solutions for forecasting errors.


Accomplish More With Fewer People Involved

When you use project administration tools, cooperation improves and work processes are streamlined. You can also finish more assignments without totally tapping out your group and asset pool.

Effective project management programming isn’t just focused on saving your time through finding things easily. It also streamlines other previous tasks. For instance, adopting cloud-based team management software automates and follows time schedules, reports, endorsements, and partner refreshes.

Resources are also much easier to monitor. Any spare labour is much more visible and can be allocated to different activities that might’ve generally been disregarded.


More Posts In The Series


In the next blog post we’ll take a closer look at Oracle Prime and how we can help you migrate to a cloud based, collaborative working environment.

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