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Resource Usage Profile Options “Display Activities For Selected” Are Greyed Out

Something that came up in a training session this week, that we’ve probably all seen before, but can’t remember how to solve, is when the Resource Usage Profile options for displaying activities are greyed out.

Image one shows the activities page with the options greyed out

P6, resource profile options

It’s a relatively simple one to fix, which we’ll show you here, before explaining why this has happened

If you click on the profile display drop down, and unselect Show All Projects, you will notice the display options in the resource panel becomes available

P6, resource profile optionsP6, resource profile options


By clicking the tick box in the resource list, you are then able to select, in this case, a monthly time period that then filters the Activity Table to just those activities for the resource in that month.

So why is the All Projects option hindering what we’re trying to achieve?

If the profile displays resource allocation across the enterprise (all projects), you can choose how you want to display remaining values: as total remaining values across all projects in the enterprise, or as remaining values in the open projects vs. remaining values in closed projects.

You can see these options in your user preferences

P6, resource profile options


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