Experience has taught us that an optimal Oracle Primavera P6 setup is one of the most common concerns for our clients. It’s true that project management software setup can be a challenge which many would prefer to leave in the hands of a specialist. That is one of the reasons why we will always recommend our remote installation service; but installation is only half of the battle. To be able to take advantage of the full power of your new system, you should also consider choosing an Oracle Primavera P6 setup package that reflects the way you work.

Focusing on the Necessities

When it comes to configuring your system, Dividend Training ensures you are not alone. A simple phone call will give us the opportunity to discuss with you your needs, and we may be able to recommend a custom configuration right then and there. A customised project management software setup lets you hand pick the features you will need the most, and have them work in a way that is best for you.

If you need Primavera configured to specific requirements, we can do that for you. If rights and access could be an area of concern, then we can set individual permissions for every user, securing your data against intrusion and error.

Simplifying Your Work Flow

If you want the best results then you will want a system that is versatile. Our team of experts brings you an Oracle Primavera P6 setup service that has been designed to improve the work flow of your operations. We will not only ensure that your installation provides you with the functionality that you do need; we will also streamline the system so that you are not weighed down by an abundance of features that you are never going to use.

This process may be as straightforward as paring back the fully customisable graphical user interface (GUI), removing confusing and unnecessary data from the screen. We can place safeguards that can guarantee every piece of data, input by every user will be added accurately, and in the correct location. We can configure your system so that it meshes seamlessly with existing software. Or, where integration is not necessary, we can configure your Oracle Primavera P6 Setup to run as a standalone project management platform. Whatever your requirements, talk to us and we can find a solution that is right for you.

Training that Guarantees Results

Having provided our clients with a bespoke configuration, we realise that a generic, uniform training course would be of little value. The numerous variations in our customers’ systems means that no single course could provide the right support for everyone. The Dividend Training courses are versatile and designed to address the unique configuration of your Oracle Primavera system. This way, you can be sure that you are learning everything you will need to know to run your business smoothly, without wasting time learning about functions you will never have to call upon.

Every business is different, and every project has its own demands. Here at Dividend Training, we will provide you with your very own bespoke Oracle Primavera P6 configuration, offering the best support for your company’s daily operations. Whether you want to learn more, or wish to discuss your configuration options with us, simply give us a call, and you can speak directly to one of our team.