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The Problem

Large implementations of any enterprise planning tool will almost certainly rely on data coming in from multiple sources, both internal and external. Ensuring data is kept up to date, and that the correct data goes to the correct location, is a vital part of enterprise reporting and capacity planning.

The Solution

Collabro Legare is an easy to use, integration tool that enables information to be extracted, transformed and loaded to and from the Primavera P6 EPPM, the industry leading planning software tool.

  • Legare is a fast, accurate, low cost tool, with a modular approach  
  • Loads Activities, Relationships, Costs, Expenses, Resources, Roles and Risks 
  • Data Connectors include: Excel, XER, Oracle, MS Project, P6, Access, and MS SQL 
  • Load data from any source: SAP, Oracle, Maximo, MS Project, and Contractor Work Management Systems 
  • Uses the Oracle provided Primavera API to maintain business and security rules 

The Benefits

  • On average, Legare cuts 20% of a planning team’s time spent on data management
  • Legare gives project Controls Directors and Managers reliable data in Primavera enabling informed decision making
  • Empowers day-to-day planners to spend their time working on planning, rather than data transformation and loading