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The Secret To Productive Teamwork? Project Management Solutions in the Cloud (1/3)

Teamwork project management solutions are growing in popularity. Especially when co-ordinated in the cloud. On the flip side, more traditional ways of team management are in decline.

Thanks to this rising demand, team managers are now looking to increase efficiency, reliability and scalability. All of these achievable through software.

The whole idea of building teams of workers is obviously not a new one.

People have always worked together to solve complex tasks.

There are already tried and tested processes for collaboration. The issue is often scalability.

This is where cloud-based project management systems come in.

Boosting efficiencies and increase collaboration using these processes.

Teamwork Project Management | Dividend Training

Nowadays, digital platforms have replaced traditional ways of collaborating.

Many organisations have incorporated the use of cloud-based software into project management.

This is especially true for big projects that need complex levels of collaboration.

By using cloud-based solutions, designed for use on mobiles, tablets, and computers, you too can improve coordination and communication between your project team. Whether you’re in the office, in transit or on site.

These improvement often have a clear and noticeable correlation to increasing your organisation’s productivity.

And an increase in productivity usually means a saving in time, costs and challenges.


Teamwork Project Management Systems In A Nutshell

The idea of switching to a cloud-based solution is well established.

In 2015, a group of ‘thought leaders’ predicted that cloud-based applications for interactive programming would reach a value of $5.9 billion profit before the end of 2018.

In July 2018, Transparency Market Research projected an additional $780 million worth of growth over the next 8 years.

The growth of these applications are clear.

Modern project management tools help you:

  • Monitor your assets
  • Track tasks
  • Manage risks and issues

Which help make sure all tasks are delivered on time and on budget.


Here’s the thing, without the correct applications and processes to help your projects, you could be wasting time and effort.

Each arising issue can be increasingly disruptive without a simple, consistent method to assist the team.


There are several ways that your organisation could reap the benefits from cloud-based project management systems.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll highlight some of the biggest ones.


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