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What’s new in Primavera Cloud Version 19.7

Oracle Prime, or Oracle Primavera Cloud as it’s now known, has had the following minor updates :

To download the Cumulative Features spreadsheet, click here

The Evaluation page is enabled for Programs. Evaluation scores provide a consistent standard for comparing programs, based on their alignment with company objectives. The new page enables administrators to define evaluation categories and their respective weights and weight percentages.
Auto-save is now enabled in Schedule and Resources to help protect data integrity. Whenever an item is added, deleted, or updated, the change is immediately saved to the database.
Undo and redo is now available on the Activities, Resource, and Role list pages.
The P6 XML import log now provides more information if issues arise when importing resource assignments, WBS elements, relationships, and activities into Primavera Cloud.
Overview dashboards can now be hidden for Workspace, Project, and Portfolio dashboards. In previous releases, they were always displayed.
Use resource, role, and budget information to create charts to display in dashboards.
Import Configuration data now allows user-defined fields to be imported if they exist in a non-parent workspace. In previous versions, if a UDF existed in a sibling workspace, it could not be created as it already existed in the database and therefore was not inherited.
When a non-admin user creates or copies a project, they now have administrator permission for project files, custom logs, and reports by default.
Export Field matrix reports as Excel and PDF files. Save and share matrix reports, which help you quickly review the statuses of different issues and inspections, outside of the application by exporting them as Excel or PDF files.

Why Oracle Primavera Cloud?

Oracle Primavera is the market leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software applications. Our PPM solutions provide organizations with a tangible business benefit and clear return on investment by giving them the ability to propose, prioritize, select, plan, manage and control projects and initiatives, ensuring that they make the right investment decisions in line with their strategic objectives.

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Oracle Primavera Cloud – Risk Management

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